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  • 2015

    About Vortex Inc.

    Vortex Inc. the body behind VEXPO is a creative content company based in the heart of Africa which exports African culture majorly through comics (illustrated content) and cartoons (animated content). Our vision is to educate the young generation and those in diaspora of their roots and culture through an engaging and enjoyable medium. We believe as a media company we are burdened (one which we are proud to bear) with the responsibility to represent Africa in a positive light showing the beauty of our culture, environment and people. VEXPO is our platform to physically express this to ourselves. Charity begins at home.

  • 2016

    About Vexpo

    Vortex EXPO is a week long series of events which reflect African culture and creativity targeted at inspiring the youth and young adults. The event is held on 3 pillars, entertainment, participation and education cutting across different age demography and creative industries.